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Watching cartoons : good or bad

Cartoons are the great source of fun and entertainment for kids. My kids too love to watch cartoons on television. Sometimes on holidays they spent the whole day in front of the television watching cartoons. But watching cartoons for a longer period may effect the eyesight. Watching cartoons may also effect kid's behavior as most of the cartoons are based on fighting,  revenge,  jumping from the roof,  car racing etc. Further no physical activities or games may effect physical health of the kids.  So every parents must be aware of this matter, what type of cartoons you must allow your kids to watch and about how many time kids should spend in front of the television otherwise it may effect your kid's eyesight as well as mental and physical health.

Bad effects of watching cartoons :

Watching cartoons may have lots of bad effects on kids-

Vision problems : Spending lots of time in front of the television, laptop or mobile for watching cartoons may affect your kid's eyesight. So parents should take care of their kids by not allowing to watch cartoons for a longer period and from a shorter distance. Otherwise in due course your kids may suffer from poor vision problems.

Less physical activity : Watching cartoons can make a child lazy . Watching cartoons by just sitting on a chair can effect a child's physical health. So parents should encourage their kids to play outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton etc. 

Less mental activity : Parents should encourage their kids to play indoor games other than just watching cartoons on the television. Indoor games like carom, ludo, chess etc. involves mental activities which can help in mental development of a child. 

Behaviour problems : Watching cartoons may effect kid's behavior as most of the cartoons are based on fighting, revenge, jumping from the roof, car racing etc. Children who watch too much of such violent cartoons are very likely to have behaviour problems. A child may become hyperactive and may show very aggressive behavior due to watching such violent cartoons.

Good effects of watching cartoons :

No doubt cartoons are the great source of entertainment for kids. Watching cartoons have some good effects on kids too. There are many educational cartoons showing on television. Through these educational cartoons kids can learn many things before going to school. There are many cartoons that teaches alphabets, numbers,  fruit names, vegetables name, flower names, rhymes etc. By watching good cartoons kids adopt many things . They used to follow their favorite cartoon characters and pretend to behave like that. They become more creative and smart. As visual presentation is more attractive than theoretical presentation , kids are more likely to remember things that they watch than they read or hear. So parents must allow their children to watch good cartoons everyday but for some limited time only. 


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