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When do you need a LAWYER ? A Checklist

When do you need a lawyer  ?
A checklist 

People have misconception that hiring a lawyer can be a pretty much expensive. So they do try to solve out some legal issues themselves without hiring a lawyer. But without proper knowledge of law they lost in the middle.  A lawyer is a person who is licensed to practice law and whose duty is to uphold the law while protecting the rights of his clients. Not every situation needs a lawyer but in some particular cases you need to hire a lawyer. Here is a  checklist one must know when the question of hiring a lawyer arise.

1. At the time of buying a landed property.  It is difficult for a  buyer to know all the legal aspects before buying a property. A lawyer can better guide you. As you have to take out necessary permissions from concerned authorities,  a lawyer will better help you in taking out those permissions and registering that property.
To know few important things before buying a property in India Click here

2. If you have been arrested for any crime, it is necessary to hire a lawyer.

3. If you were involved in a motor accident that caused personal injuries.

4. If you are served with any legal document.

5. If you are thinking of making a will and don't know how?  It's better to hire a lawyer.

6. In case of divorce,  a lawyer can better help you to achieve the fairest divorce settlement possible under the law.

7.  Sometimes it is necessary to hire a lawyer in making affidavits, deeds or bonds.

8. When there has been a change in  family status like birth,  adoption or death.

9. When there is a change in financial status like bankruptcy filing and receiving or losing properties.

10. When facing deportation for an immigration matter. 


  1. Great article. Your checklist is short and on the point. Great article Keep Going.

  2. Ah yes, #1 - VERY important!!! And then keep that lawyer on file just in case anything else arises!

  3. Very good advice. The checklist is a fantastic guideline

  4. I was very lucky to not need a layer in my life so far. Indeed, it's important to know when professional help is needed and when you can sort out things on your own.

  5. I know someone who needed assistance from a family/marriage lawyer for a divorce case. The best advice I've heard about this topic is, that it's cheaper to get married and to deal with a divorce.

  6. very informative and precise article. will keep this in mind. thanks!

  7. Such a great article and a great guide for everyone of us.I will also share this with my friends, thank you!

  8. Nice article. This is really helps to all of people who wants to seek justice.

  9. great check list... ppl whom wanna seek for lawyer will hv a guide here..

  10. Great list. Exactly to the point. However your work is good. You write really well.

  11. This is something I've ever need, but this is a very informative article!

  12. Not something I hope I'm ever going to need, but great list!

  13. Great checklist, thank you for sharing this. I think sometimes we underestimate the importance of having a lawyer.

  14. Such a great checklist. Thanks for sharing this with us. I do hope I won't need a lawyer.

  15. What an awesome checklist and thanks for sharing such an information. This can be a big help for future.

  16. Great checklist for searching when and what needed for getting a lawyer. I’m glad I have plenty of lawyers in my family just a call away.

  17. I personally really don't know more about it and thanks to you for sharing this article with us, you gave a knowledge about this matter.


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