Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Important things you must know before buying a property in India

A beautiful home with modern luxuries is every person's dream. But buying a  house or a plot of land in India is not an easy task. You should not be in a hurry while buying such property.  Years of earnings and savings should not be wasted in a hurry. There are some important things you must know before buying a house or a plot of land. Let us now check those important things one by one :

Ownership Documents

The very first thing we should check is the ownership of the property. Documents plays an important role in buying a property. Check Jamabandy copy of the land. Check how the seller occupied that landed property. Whether it's hereditary or personally acquired property. Check the Title Deed of the property.

• Disputed property :

Check whether the property is a disputed property. Check for if there is any civil case pending in any court against that property.

• Mortgage property :

Check for if the property is a mortgaged property under any bank or under any organization.

• Power of Attorney :

If  the seller is not a real seller but selling by taking a power of attorney then check the document of power of attorney.  It is again an important document while buying any land or a house.

• Sanctioned building plan : 

For construction of a house it is necessary to take permission from the concerned authority. So if you hunt for a already constructed house or a building, do check the necessary permissions  taken from the concerned authority for building that house.

• Tax receipts :

Check for the tax receipts,  whether they are up to date or not. Before buying a property or a plot of land, it is necessary to pay all the legal tax up to date.

• Take legal advice:

Hire a lawer. It is difficult for a  buyer to know all the legal aspects before buying a property. A lawyer can better guide you. As you have to take out necessary permissions from concerned authorities,  a lawyer will better help you in taking out those permissions and registering that property.

Buying a house needs planning. Besides financial planning, you should have plan for many other aspects. Like the location of the property, its surroundings,  people living in that area,  school and office distances from there, shops and market distances etc.  So don't fade away your dreams, buying a property is not that difficult once you note down all the important things given above.