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Product Review : Loospray - Toilet seat sanitizer

We women have many issues and problems. Peeing in public loos 🚽 is not a big problem like dowry death or  female infanticide. But peeing in dirty public loos may lead to many health and hygienic problems.  Various diseases like Urinary tract infections (UTI),  Diarrhea,  abdominal cramps,  skin infections,  Dysentery etc may be caused because of peeing in dirty public loos or toilets.

It's a daily problem.  If you are a school girl,  college student  , working woman or an woman traveller, you cannot hold your urine for long 8-10 hours.  You'll be bound to use public toilets. For issues like dowry death or female infanticide we can ask the Government to take steps but here you cannot blame the Government when you see the public toilet seat spattered with pee. It's not the duty of the Government but  we should find out a solution of this little issue by ourselves.

LooSpray is a toilet seat sanitizer which after sorting not only kills 99% germs but also removes foul odour of dirty public loos. The size of 50ml LooSpray bottle is easily adjustable in any ladies bag.  So carry it wherever you go.

The company  :
Akhil Chaudhary,  a Delhi based entrepreneur is the founder of LooSpray- a toilet seat sanitizer.  LooSpray is not only a feminine hygiene product but also useful to males.  

Address - C-24 Mansarover Garden
D. R.  Complex 1st Floor
New Delhi - 110015, (India) 

Website -


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The Review :
I received few samples of LooSpray from the company for reviewing few days ago.  But remember  it is not a paid review.  I used these samples for some days and following is the method of using LooSpray and the pros and cons of my honest review.

How to use LooSpray :
• shake the bottle before using, 
• spray on the toilet seat from a distance of 15cm,
• wait for 5 seconds ,
• now the toilet seat is ready for your purpose, 99% germs free and foul odour free. 

Pros :
• Easy to carry,  small size fit in any small sized ladies bags.
• Afordable price. Rupees 120/- per 50ml.
• Easily available online through  Amazon, Shopclues and Flipkart.
• Kills 99% germs.
• Removes foul odour.
• It has a nice smell .

Cons :

Rating :

I highly recommend LooSpray to all the ladies out there coz I'm loving it.

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