Friday, June 22, 2018

Tips to reduce indoor air pollution in the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of a home.  It is the place where food is prepared or cooking is done. It is also the place where food is served.  It is the where cooking materials are stored. A place where vegetables,  fruits,  rice , wheat, spices and many other things are stored.  It is the place where refrigerator,  cooking stove, toaster etc. are kept.  Therefore I termed kitchen as the 'heart' of a home. So it is very important to keep the heart of a home clean and pollution free. It is important to keep the kitchen healthy.

There are many reasons of dirt and pollutions in the kitchen. Sometimes kitchen becomes more noxious than a market . Indoor pollution is more serious than outdoor as we spend more time indoor may it be home or office.  At home kitchen is the more polluted room than other rooms.

A kitchen can get polluted for many reasons.  The  new kitchen appliances release colorless pollutants.  The gas stove burner releases nitrogen dioxide and carbon mono-oxide which is very harmful.  The refrigerator also releases some harmful pollutant which can affect human beings.

During cooking excess use of oil and fat and spices also release dirts.  Kitchen wastes releses odors which is again not healthy.

These pollutions and odors may cause respiratory problems to old,  sicky and infants in the house. It may create some health issues.  So cleaning of kitchen is very much necessary.  Besides cleaning the floor, gas stove, refrigerator etc., besides making the kitchen equipment to dazzle it is also necessary to purify the indoor air passes through the kitchen.

Some simple kitchen tips to keep pollution free:

● Use electric gas stove instead of LPG. It will release less or no harmful pollutants.  It will keep the kitchen clean and pollution free.

●  Use exhaust fan or kitchen simney to release the smoke, (which is produce during cooking) outside the kitchen.

● Keep the kitchen windows open while cooking.

● Immediately remove the kitchen wastes fom the kitchen. It may cause odors .

● Always use fresh vegetables and fruits. Wash them and preserve them properly in the refrigerator.

● Try to use less oil while cooking and cook in low or medium heat. It will release less fumes.

● Keep the kitchen well organised.

● Keep the kitchen floor, tiles, wash  basin clean and dirt free.

● Always use a good brand of paint on the walls which can prevent odor and purify air.

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