Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Benefits of living in a small city

My home town Dibrugarh is a small city situated on the bank of river Brahmaputra in the northeastern part of India and is the headquarter of Dibrugarh district of Assam. Dibrugarh is generally referred as the Tea city of India, as Dibrugarh is surrounded by tea estates and is the highest producer of tea in India. 

Place of living plays an important role in our life. Some people like to live in a big city and some people like to live in small city. There are several reasons for a person to choose his place of living . Job, education, family or lifestyle may be the reasons for choosing one's place of living. Both living in a big city or a small city has some benefits. Here in this post I'm going to share the benefits of living in a small city. 

1. Low living costs than in big cities.

2. Less population,  less traffic , less transportation costs.

3. Less crowded,  less air pollution and sound pollution.

4. Better relationship with the neighbours.

5. More support from the society, less competition.

6. Fresh and healthy food products available than in cities.

7. Good whether, more greenery .

8. Low cost big houses with lawns which is missing in big cities.

9. Less stress, more happiness.

10. More time to spend with the family. 


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