Monday, July 2, 2018

Create your happiness by creating your own food blog : with love from Rumi

No I'm not a Blogging guru or an SEO expert but I always wanted to write about this topic since I have started blogging one and a half years ago. I faced many challenges  in the initial stage of my blogging journey as I knew nothing about this field. Food blogs have exploded in recent years. Now everyone who has culinary skills wants to become a food blogger but don't know how to start. So I'm thinking of writing a series of posts about how to become a food blogger from my own blogging experiences. This post is just a simple introduction to this hobby or proffession. In the coming posts I shall discuss about each and every topic related to food blogging elaborately.

What is a Blog & What is Blogging? 
A blog is like a  journal or an  informational website available on the net and blogging is the act of writting posts for the blog. In a blog the posts appears in a reverse chronological order, the most recent posts appears on the top.

What is Food blogging? 
Food blogging means blogging about your culinary skills. Here in food blogging three skills together is necessary: cooking,  blog writing and photography . You may be a good cook but you may not be a good blogger unless you don't know about blog writing and taking photography of what you cook.

Start a Food Blog:
So if you have a passion for cooking, start your own blog. It is better to start your own food blogs then sharing on other's blog.  Food blog is becoming a popular niche now a days. Food blogging is not only about posting recipes, it also includes restaurant review, food product review, cooking tips,  shopping guide etc.

How to start a Food Blog:
Once you have decided to start your own food blog, you can open it free or you can buy a domain name and purchase a hosting package. Having a self-hosted WordPress site is by far the best Choice for starting a food blog. Then you need to choose a good theme for your blog. There are many free theme available in WordPress but you may also buy a good premium theme.

Sharing on social media :
Once you have started posting your recipes, share your blog posts on different social media platform like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Open a facebook page connected to your blog. Open Pinterest boards.  Open google+ collections.  This way you can bring traffic to your blog.

Write posts consistently, either daily or once a week .

Monetizing a food blog :
After opening a food blog in some point of time you will need to monetize your blog.  Affiliate programs are a great way to earn some solid income from your food blog but I never tried it in my blog. There are plenty of food related stuffs that can give you a healthy commission for promoting them in your blog through affiliate marketing .

Google Adsense is another way through which you can make money though getting approval from Adsense is little difficult. If you have a great traffic in your blog you can earn a handsome money from Adsense every month.

There are other advertising networks also through which you can monetize your blog.

Food blogs are far more than just only recipes. Food bloggers are the story tellers who tells the stories behind their cooking . Reading a food blog is just like reading a fairy tale. So if you have a passion for cooking , writing and photography then open your food blog. There are many other technical problems to deal with being a food blogger but you can learn it slowly but surely.


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