Thursday, July 12, 2018

Facebook : Good or Bad

Facebook is one of the largest online social media and social networking site based on USA. Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his friends. I was introduced to it in the year 2012, 8 years after it was launched. I managed to find out my lost school friends through facebook but there are still some of my school friends who still do not have a facebook account. Recently I had a good conversation with my one of such school friend about the good and bad side of facebook. So through this post I want to share my views about good and bad of facebook.


1. Making new friends : Making new friends is very easy on facebook. You can easily add thousands of friends in your friends list by sending friend request.  You can search your old lost friends in the search option. You can also make friends in different cities of the world.  You can make friends with people of same hobby or of same proffession by joining in different groups.

2. Keeping it touch with friends: Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your friends or with your family members who live far away.  You can chat or make video call through facebook messenger , or sometimes by just seeing a status update is enough to know that the person is well or alive.

3. Keeping memories alive: People often share their happy moment's pictures and updates on facebook, either it's a birthday,  marriage, anniversary,  going on a vacation, first day of  school or meeting a friend after a long time. Facebook reminds us our memories everyday which we generally forgot in our busy lives.

4. Spreading your business: Facebook is a great way to spread ones business.  One can open a business page and spread ones business. You can meet different and many clients and customers through facebook and sell your business online or offline.

5. Entertainments: In our busy day to day life we do not get time to sit in front of the television or read a newspaper. But through facebook we can gather and view the latest updates of what is happening around us.


1. Fake account : It is very easy for some ill minded people to create someone else's fake facebook account by using the photographs shared on facebook. It is also a place where if you are not careful ,the hackers may steal your personal and important informations shared on facebook. It is also possible to get your account hacked. So one must be very careful in settings password and sharing important informations on facebook.

2. Fake news : Facebook can be not trustworthy everytime. Sometimes a false piece of information may spread through sharing by many people which may be dangerous. Just like in the case of Abhi-neel,  the false news of child lifters took away the lives of two innocent young man from Assam. So you should not take seriously each and every information shared on facebook.


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