Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Tips to make mathematics fun for kids

Mathematics is not as hard as we all think. Mathematics was never a tough subject for me when I was in school and college, in fact I did my graduation in mathematics. Now my kids have started going to school and started to learn mathematics. Many kids found maths as hard subject. Making kids love maths is a challenge for many parents.  Sometimes parents become more scared than the kids. So it's better to start early to make maths fun for your kids by using some easy techniques. Otherwise when they will grow up they will be struggling with mathematics formulas, equations and exponents.

Tips to make mathematics fun for kids :

1. Maths in real life :
The easiest way to teach kids mathematics is to use real life scenarios. This way you can teach your child maths counting , addition,  subtraction and also multiplication without any pressure and without them realising that they are learning mathematics at home from real life incidents. Here are some examples :

• While eating biscuits or candy,  help your child to count how many candy or biscuits he or she have,  how many he or she consumed and how many left.  This way kids will learn counting , addition and subtraction. 

• Ask your child to count the number of furnitures , curtains, rooms, family members etc. 

2. Maths as game:

There are many educational toys available in the market . Use those toys to teach kids mathematics as fun game. Here are some examples :

• Buy counting numbers. Help your kids to identify those numbers.

• Buy other toys like ludo, carom etc. Teach them to learn the game. Use the dice and also the ludo board to learn counting. This way without their knowledge kids will learn maths easily .

3. Mobile games:

Kids are fond of mobile now a days. Parents often give their mobile in the hands of their kids to play games and watch videos . There are plenty of free and paid mathematical game apps availability in the internet.  Install them in your mobile and let your kids to play those mathematics games.  This way they become sharp in maths.

4. Vedios and cartoons:

Kids love watching cartoons and videos.  There are some good cartoons that teaches counting and language learning.  Allow your kids to watch those cartoons.  There are some fun mathematical vedios also.  Provide those vedioes to your kids to watch them.  This way by enjoying and doing fun they will learn mathematics easily. 

At last,  don't stress your kids to learn mathematics.  Teach them maths with love. Make maths fun for them.  This way they will fall in love with mathematics and will never take it as a burden. 


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