Monday, July 9, 2018

Top 6 reasons why online shopping is better than offline shopping

Online shopping is becoming very popular now a days. Shopping online is very convenient. You can just relax at your home and do online shopping in minutes.  But in this internet age there are many people who love offline shopping. They found happiness in offline shopping. As going out for offline shopping involves travel and food, some people do it as fun and enjoyment. But I personally like online shopping more than offline shopping as it saves time. Following are the top 6 reasons why online shopping is better than offline shopping :-

•• In online shopping you don't need to go anywhere. As online shopping means shopping on internet, you can do it from anywhere according to your choice from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. So you can just sit down in your own bedroom and can do online shopping .

But in offline shopping one has to travel to the market for shopping. Despite traveling from market to market you may sometimes not get what you are looking for. Travelling for shopping can make you feel tired and it's expensive too. As you have to expend for travel also.

•• In online shopping you can shop at any time according to your convenient. We of course cannot spend the entire day on shopping and cannot go shopping at the middle of the night when shops remain closed. But we can buy anything at any time,even at the midnight and spend the rest of the time with our friends and family.

But in offline shopping you cannot go for shopping too early in the morning or too late at night as the shops remain closed.

•• Paying bills in online shopping is so easy. You have many options paying your bill.  You can pay using your credit or debit card or you can also pay on delivery. It takes just a few seconds to pay bills on online shopping.

But paying bills in offline shopping is time consuming. You need to wait in a long queue to pay bills in front of the billing counter.

•• In online shopping you can  compare the price  of a product in different sites easily. You can browse on the internet in minutes from one site to another for comparing the prices of the same product.

But in offline shopping you cannot compare it.  You have to travel from shop to shop for comparing which may be not possible.

•• In online shopping you can get different  varieties of brand in one site.  So you can browse in your mobile by just sitting and relaxing at your home. You can also browse from one site to another in minutes searching for different brands.

But in offline shopping you may not find all the brands in one single shop. It may not possible to travel from one shop to another searching for brands in offline shopping.

•• In Offline shopping you can bargain.  But in some shops the shopkeeper sells the products on fixed price and not allowed to bargain . Whereas you have no bargaining option in online shopping but you may get discount, cash back and deals in different sites.


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