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A Blind Date with the World #TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld

A blind date with the WorldThat's what my wanderings feet is searching for right now

The world is so beautiful and there are so many amazing places around the globe to see. The world  is full of wonderful places, from majestic waterfalls to sea beaches , from lost cities to mysterious landmarks. These things always fascinated every travelers. Travelling is always fun as more you see the world the more you fall in love with it. People travel to explore. People always travel to those places which they found beautiful and under their budget by searching on the net.  So every people have their own bucket list of places to accomplish during their lifetime.
But would you go on a trip to an unknown destination?  what about going for a blind date with the World. 

Yes! a blind date.
A blind date with the world means visiting an unknown destination and to explore that corner of the world which is untouched. You just pack up your bags and take your car, your bus,  your train, your flight or just by your feet, together with your expectations and fear , you leave for a surprise and mystery travel for enriching experience. Because the more we blindly trust the world to reveal its incredible beauty the more we'll be amazed by unveiling new experiences at every turn . And now it's my turn where I want to be somewhere I haven't been. Where I want to walk down the unknown paths . Where I want to explore the unexplored. Where I want to rediscover myself by self exploration . Where I want to follow my wanderings feet. Where I want to go for a blind date with the world .


By saying yes to the unknown world we become open to many new experiences. As such travel took people outside our comfort zone, we have to adapt to new people, new unknown paths, new cuisines, new cultures and challenges. The more important thing is that the distance is not important the more important is how we travel-our mindset, curiosity and openness and connection to the place and local people. Overall a blind date with the world can improve our imagination, inner feelings , sensitivity , adventurousness and curiosity as we become more open minded. 

Mystery trip is a new concept and is gaining popular now a days.  People are becoming more busy now a days.  So for those busy people who decides to go for a holiday at the last minute and for those who hate planning, some travel companies introduced the concept of 'mystery trip' where they keep the destination secret until they reach there.


Yes! The blind list
The blind list has the unforgettable enriching experience that remain unknown until we reach that unknown mystery place.

So here is my top 5 blind list for a blind date with the world :

1. The Himalayas :
 I want my  first blind date with the world somewhere in the Himalayas. The Himalayas is a mountain range in South Asia and is the home of the planet's highest peak Mount Everest and is one of the greatest gift of nature. Himalaya include over a hundred mountains which is spread across Pakistan,  India,  China,  Bhutan and Nepal is known for its majestic height and varied geological structure. There are many tourist destination across the Himalayas. I dream myself visiting  this heavenly beauty of Himalaya somewhere in Tibet, Nepal or Ladakh.

2. Desert Safari :
A blind date with the world somewhere in a desert is my second choice. It may be a jeep drive through enormous mounds of sand or riding a camel on the hot hot sun or enjoying a belle dance in a campsite. Whether it is somewhere in Africa or in Dubai, I'm ready to go for a blind date for desert safari. 

3. Scuba Diving :
Scuba diving  is becoming popular now a days and is considered to be a low risk outdoor activity. Scuba diving can be a vacation trip for those who love under water travelling.  There are so many scuba diving destinations and I would like to go for a blind date for scuba diving in any of such places across the globe. 

4. Jungle Safari :
In a jungle safari tour one can become more close to the nature as we can see the wild animals, birds and exotic flora and fauna in a natural habitat from a closer view. I'm again ready for a date with the world in a jungle safari.  Through jungle safari we can explore the nature and wild animals in their natural habitat. The more time we spend with the midst of the nature,  the more connected we will feel with our inner self. 

5. Visit to an Ancient City :
Machu picchu in Peru or pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Petra in Jordan or Ta keo of Cambodia, all these places has a hidden history. l love history.  Exploring lost, abundant and ancient city can be fun and I'll never mind if the world give me a chance to date with such an ancient city in Europe, South America or any where across the world. 

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  1. Being out of your comfort zone is hard but worth it. Amazing article!!

  2. Life begins once you step out of your comfort zone. I loved your choices

  3. I wish I had the confidence to step out of my comfort zone !! Great post :)

  4. Very beautiful experience indeed! To see such wondrous places, how i’d love to be amazed by the world too. I really hope someday. 🤗💖

  5. This is such a fascinating concept to go on a trip without knowing at all where you are going. Sounds like an amazing adventure!

  6. Love the concept of going on a trip without making any plans! :)

  7. This was such an informative one. I'll admit i'm the type that likes to plan everything so this might be day maybe.

  8. Sounds like an interesting concept. And a very nice article overall. I can only say I like it a lot!

  9. This sounds like my type of thing.I love to just go with the flow and see where it leads.

  10. What a beautiful experience. Everyone should step out with their comfort zone. Love the concept of this one.

  11. Visiting an ancient city would be exciting. There's so much beauty in ruins and its history.

  12. A blind date with the world sound like something I need right now. Love your bucket list!

  13. This sounds wonderful! It's definitely a lot harder with a family, but if I was single again I would love to try something like that!

  14. I keep hearing about mystery trips and I'm not sure they are for me. I love planning the trip almost as much as going!

  15. This is something I would love to do in the future when I get the courage to.

  16. ive always wanted to do something like this before but im the type who likes to know where im going so I can organise correctly lol


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