Monday, October 8, 2018

Durga Puja

"Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Vishnu Mayyeti Shabditah
Namas Tasyai Namas Tasyai Namas Tasyai Namo Namah...."

Last night it was raining heavily till morning, but we clearly heard the Mahalaya Durga Devi Bandana that was played early in the morning in a nearby puja pandal. Mahalaya marks the beginning of Durga Puja festival, which takes place seven days prior to the main festival. On this day  the goddess Durga is believed to have descended to earth. Durga puja brings together the joy and happiness in every Indians' life. Durga Puja also known as Durgutsova is an annual Hindu festival celebrated specially by Bengali people of India is dedicated to the worship of goddess Durga. Along with goddess Durga, earthen sculpture of goddess  Lakshmi,  goddess Saraswati , lord Ganesh and Kartik are also worshiped together. Lord Shiva, husband is goddess Durga sits on the top of the Durga sculpture. Durga Puja is a celebration of the victory of goddess Durga over the demon king Mahishasura. Durga Puja also coincide with the festival of Navratri  which is celebrated in Gujrat and in north India.

In Assam Durga Puja is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is the second largest festival of Assam after Bohag Bihu. Durga Puja with earthen sculpture in Assam starts during the reign of Ahom Dynasty. However goddess Durga is worshipped in Assam from time immemorial in different durga temples like Maa Kamakhya temple,  Dighashwari temple,  Tamreshwari temple etc.

In today's Assam,  hundreds of colourful and decorative pandals are set up to celebrate Durga Puja. Wearing new clothes and buying balloons are the favourite parts of the celebration that every kid wait the entire year for. On the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth day the goddess Durga is worshipped in her various forms of Durga.
The tenth day is called the Vijay Dashami .

Vijayadashami marks the end of Durga Puja. Durga Puja vijayadashmi celebrations include processions to a nearby river. The Durga Puja devotees carry the earthen sculptures of goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and Kartik in trucks accompanied by musics and chants. It's the celebration of saying goodbye to goddess Durga and then they immerse the sculptures into the river water for dissolution .


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