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Let Us Get Fit With Flipkart And Start A Smart Home Revolution

A person who is physically and mentally fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. But in today's modern world, stress and lifestyle diseases are seriously affecting our body and mind. Here fitness plays an important role.  Physical activities and exercise can improve our health and reduce the risk of several diseases. A smart watch can work as a fitness tracker in monitoring and tracking fitness related matrices such as how many distance you have run or walked, tracking workouts like cycling, swimming, yoga and other outdoor activities, calorie burned, sleep monitoring and what your heart rate is. Besides working as a fitness tracker a smart wearable can makes it easy to view and respond to emails,  texts, calls, whatsapp and other social media notifications. Isn't it amazing.

Let's #GetFitWithFlipkart

Flipkart is India's biggest e-commerce company based on Bengaluru, India. The founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started flipkart as an online bookstore in October, 2007. Later they have expanded their business in other products such as  electronics,  fashion and lifestyle products. With the popularity of online shopping, flipkart is gaining confidence of consumers and upto 40% of the smart watches and Assistants in India are sold through flipkart onlone shopping. As Mr Narandra Modi  gave the clarion call for a 'fit india' through yoga, during "mann ki baat" program on 25th March, 2018, the flipkart also dream of a day that every Indians tracks their fitness through smart watches.

Being a busy mother of two,  I really don't get time to go to the gym. But a personal trainer strapped to my wrist can help me to get into shape. Let's do a quick check how a smart watch can help me in my fitness movement :

• Steps Trackers 
An average person walks 3000 - 4000 steps per day,  but the aim should be 10,000 steps per day for a healthier heart. So having a smart watch strapped in your wrist can help in counting your every single steps.

• Sleep monitoring 
Sleeping hours may very from person to person,  but most healthy adults need at least 7 hours of sleep at night. A lack of sleep can cause health problems as well as weight gain and making you feel too tired to exercise. So wearing a smart watch at night can help you in tracking sleep pattern and also  can alert you about your sleeping time.

• Heart beat
 A smart watch can track your heartbeat even when you are sleeping. It can even estimate your blood pressure.

• Calorie burned 
Smart watches also can track the number of calories burned after your every workout.

Let's Start a #SmartHomeRevolution

A smart home is a home set up equipped with smart lighting and other electronic devices with proper security system that are connected with internet or Wi-Fi and can be controlled by issuing command. Isn't it interesting.

Setting up a smart home is everyone's dream. We are building our new home too and want our new home to be a smart home. Many smart home devices entered the Indian market and are now affordable too. In India Flipkart is offering many smart home devices together with smart camera security devices and smart lights , and you can avail these with just a click.

The very first thing you should change while upgrading your home to a smart home is to change its lights to smart lights. Smart lights allow you to control with your phone with a smart automation device .

Controlling your smart home with your voice is possible now. We can use our Voice to control smart automation devices. With just one command we can turn off the light or AC, open the door or play our favourite music. Life is becoming so easy with those smart devices.  Home automation not only saves energy but also saves time. Voice controlled wireless automation devices are specially good for people who live alone or who are sick, disabled or old.

A home security camera can safeguard a smart home even when you are far away from home. With the help of smart cameras you can check your home from anywhere from an app in your mobile phone or a web browser.

So, with the advancing technologies, smart home is not only a luxury anymore. Smart home is becoming a necessity as because of its efficiency,  convenient,  comfort and security.

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