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My Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2019 - with love from rumi

New year's resolution is like a tradition made by the common people to fulfill or to accomplish a personal goal or to improve his or her life for better.  We all make resolutions each and every year but most of us fail to keep those.  We surely need strong will power to accomplish those resolutions.
I too make new year's resolutions every year  to improve myself for the coming year but not able to fulfill all as I'm a bit lazy person.  This year too I'm making few resolutions for me for my better tomorrow and determined to accomplish those. The determination of achieving one's resolution is actually the resolution itself. 

My Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2019 :

• Fitness as priority 

Being a mother of two,  I really don't get time to go to the gym. But like all other moms I also want to get back to my old figure.  In last few years I didn't gave fitness as a top priority in my life and as a result I'm really fed up of my few extra pounds. So loosing weight and getting back in shape will be my top resolution for the coming year. Doing regular exercise will be a part of my daily routine for 2019.

• Healthy diet 

Consuming healthy food is necessary for maintaining body fitness. My second resolution is to eat healthy and eat less.

• Less facebook activities 

Facebook and other social media platforms are consuming our most of the time.  Being a blogger it's important to keep in touch with social media,  but except sharing my blogging stuffs I'll cut my social media activities next year .

• Wake up early 

waking up early is my constant resolution for every year which I fail to keep each year. This time also waking up early will be my top resolution. Being a night owl,  waking up early in the morning is a difficult habbit.  So I'll try to sleep early and no late night mobile activities so that I can complete my 6-7 hours of sleep.

• Blogging regularly 

I have two blogs and last month my this blog was completely untouched.  Being a blogger I know how important it is to write blog posts consistently. At least one blog post per week is my target for the next year.

• Read books 

Reading is a priceless activity which I quit years ago.  I know I'm not a bookworm but I enjoyed reading books when I was in college.  I used to borrow books from my college library. Reading book was my old hobby in those days. So I want to restart my old hobby and my next resolution is to reach for a book rather sticking to my smartphone.

• Spend more time with the people that matter

Life is very short and in this short span of life we have very few people around us who really care for us. I'll spend more time with those people and take care of their priorities as they too take care of mine. This is the best way to stay happy in life.

• Get back to my old profession 

I was practicing law before my kids were born. After having kids it's become difficult for every mother to get back to their professional life.  For me it's a long seven years.  Now both my kids started going to school and I have enough time during their school hours to get back to my old profession.  I will get back to my old profession as soon as possible.

• Travel more 

Travelling with two kids is pretty difficult.  After my kids were born we haven't traveled to far places.  Visiting beautiful places,  exploring new cultures and cuisines will be in our bucket list for 2019, whether it is a far-flung exotic destination of an unexplored local neighborhood in our backyard .

• Doing more DIYs

I love doing DIY and it's my hobby after all.  But during my last few years I had less DIY activities because of my small kids.  Hobbies are important for a well-rounded life.  So I'll restart my hobby in 2019 and do more DIYs.


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